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ST37 Feelwood Rift

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Authentic …

… like a solid wood surface, ST37 Feelwood Rift has a texture that is synchronised with the decor series Halifax Oak by featuring deep and tactile cracks.

ST36 Feelwood Brushed

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The heavily brushed…

… but naturally matt character gives the most diverse wood types a very authentic feel.

ST33 Feelwood Crafted

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An interplay…

… of matt and slightly shiny elements. The matt and softly brushed pore gives the surface a beautiful reflective nature, resulting in a very natural look that shines with a pearlescent effect.

ST32 Feelwood Vintage

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Its old wood look….

… is a sought-after theme. It has been synchronised with the decor image of the Sherman Oak. The visual damage and markings in the wood are accentuated by the synchronised pore texture.

ST28 Feelwood Nature

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The sandblasted character of the oak …

… reinforced by the texture synchronised with the pressure cylinder of the Gladstone Oak.

Wood textures

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